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This is so delightfully wicked! I just love her and want to make right away!

Your creativity is so marvelous ~ just love it!


Ardi, this is not an original idea. My mama did this sort of thing with me when I was a child out of pumpkins. A witch, a scarecrow, a cat always sat on our back door stoop before Halloween arrived. Country Living punlished a book several years ago for fall and this one is similar to the one they had in their I can't take credit for it other than the doing of it...which was fun but also alot of work. By the way she fell over in the truck this morning on the way to work and broke the end off her nose. I like better the new nose I gave her though so all is well. Have fun making one and be sure to take a pic and share it with me friend.


Look what you did! You made me go here and now this tune will be running through my head all day.

Love your artistic piece tho.



What a delightful witch! You are so very clever. I may look around at our local farmer's market and make a modified version of this for our dooryard if you don't mind being copied. It is the sincerest form of flattery, no? I love it when your imagination goes wild. Such a creative, talented lady. I just know this will be snapped up by the first person that sees it.

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