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Leslie Garcia

Dear Carolyn,
The flower arrangements are perfect! The words you wrote are too! Thank you for posting them...I think of you so often and look forward to your next post. Autumn is here for sure!
The best of life's blessings to you and your family always,


We have been thinking similar thoughts, as we often do, Carolyn. I always feel close to you when you are in touch, and appreciate the time you take to do so. Thank you.

Your arrangements are so very lovely, and I appreciate how you included the symbolic plants as well as the ones that celebrate this season of life. Every season is beautiful, and I like to think that when we leave this earth, we move on to something more beautiful than we can imagine.....and we have pretty good imaginations!

Please send my regards to Arnie, and tell him that I visited the Stoney's website. It's wonderful! I enjoyed my visit there very much, and I send my compliments to him on a job well done.

Love to you, always.


The flower arrangements are beautiful, the words are thought provoking. What a lovely post. I'm glad you had the opportunity to spend some time doing what you do so well (both arranging flowers and writing for us).



What a beautiful post - the arrangements are lovely and will surely be a welcome sight. I love cheery bouquets - and sunflowers always say cheery. Your thoughts further down the post are also very poignant. Yes, there is a time for everything and even though there's the loss, there's also the remembrance (rosemary) of a life shared and special moments.

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