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Beautiful zinnias. Lucky for me, a farmers market is set up across the street from work every Tuesday. I've had pretty zinnias on my desk for several weeks. Will look for pumpkins tomorrow!
Your posts are always so thoughtful. Thanks for reminding me of all I should appreciate. I'm looking forward to fall, new beginning, too.

Fran aka Redondowriter

Those zinnia photos are spectacular. I've started decorating the house for fall and I know you are ramping up at Stoneys for fall, too. Hope you and Arnie are well.


I always enjoy your blog and the colorful photos, the way you use your life to create beauty. Sad about Dewey but anyone who raises livestock knows that story all too well. Just tough sometimes.

Leslie Garcia

Dear Carolyn,
Your flowers are amazing! They warm my face! I am so glad that I read your words about the close of summer and the opening of our next season of life...Autumn. I will buy those pumpkins you wrote about...I am actually looking forward to it now. Wishing you friendship and best wishes for the coming days. I love it when you post a blog!
In gratitude,


Each fall when we're at the cabin, I wander out into the stark meadows and gather a blessing. Each of the buildings has a blessing outside the door and this trip I picked one to put outside our door. And I always think of you when I pick them. Your autumn bouquets and arrangements always make me smile and so your post about friends is all the more true - the boys brought joy into your life with their smiles, and you have brought joy to mine with your posts and friendship.


I love the changing of seasons, any season. The new one coming up is always my favorite for the moment. Glad you had time for a little creativity, I think we all need that. Love the zinnias but I can't wait to see what magic you work at Stoney's for the fall.


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