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chris solanic

Just had a chance to check out your blog today Carolyn, thanks for sharing such heartfelt stories..(my sympathy for the loss of Dewey) I've enjoyed browsing through your musings & creations... I hope you get more time for yourself soon! Chris


What a great visit - though I was sorry to read that you were under the weather. I think a small part of why everyone loves you so much is that you so often go out of your way to be of service - the flowers for Johnny you mentioned being just one of many times you've sacrificed yourself and your plans for others. I hope you're feeling better now and that you had a little fun with some art things.


Sometimes we have to cram all the joy we can into one day - and it sounds like you and your Baby Bird did just that.

I love the card you created to celebrate the time you had togeher. Now that you have a nice clean art space can we expect more? I know you are busy... but those creating moments sometimes keep us sane.


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