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Wow! Carolyn
Where have I been??? I don't know where you found the time to write something so beautiful about Stoney's after your very long days at the store. This is beautiful and don't we just love our little Mereweather!!!???!

leslie garcia

Dear Carolyn,
I have sure missed reading your words and thoughts...and seeing this made my day! I think you are such a blessing in this world to so many and what you feel and do means a lot to a lot of people!!!!
Hoping you are well and living life happily this summer!


Lovely post, Carolyn. Did Merryweather eat the dollar? I'm off to look at Stoney's website. I know it will be wonderful. Your plantings, especially the thyme wreath, are gorgeous!!!


Carolyn, it's so good to see you here again. I can just see you walking among your fields of sunflowers, straw hat on head and clippers in hand. Merriweather is such a cutie.


I am breathing in that living thyme wreath.
I do not think I have ever seen a more beautiful have such a gift and you are such a gift. Do they understand how much soul you infuse into stoneys and everything youdo?more later - have to run into the courtroom. Xxooxx


It is always a pleasure - and lately a surprise - to find your words here. You are a beacon of positive in a world that can so often be negative. Love the photo's of Stoney's and laughed at Miss Merryweather and her "price".


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