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writing a dissertation

Blogs are good for every one where we get lots of information for any topics nice job keep it up !!!

Mrs Snow

Hey Hun,

Just thought that I would pop in and send you *BIG HUGS*. Hope we hear from you soon :)

Love, Light & Blessings,

Sue :)

Mrs Snow

Hey hun..

Just thought that I would pop in again... I know that Spring is a busy time for you..But I just wanted to let you know that I am looking forward to your postings...I'll pop in later :)

Take care,

Love, Light and Blessings,

Mrs Snow :)


I hadn't checked on you for a long time so it was fun to see you again! I love your book and it inspires me to do one also. So many of the art journals that I look at don't bring meaning to me and yours does. Thanks and I send you prayers and encouragement. Gayle


Hi there Dear Carolyn,

I'm glad you've shared your wonderful journal, and gladder still, just to know that you are taking time to explore this part of yourself.

I wish you all the best, always. Love to you and to Arnie.



I am glad to see you are still here and sad to see you are going through a tough time. I hope it will soon be brighter. You definitely have had a hard road


I lurk here. I'm just saying hello and want to lend support to your writing/art/journaling. You're right... it's just fun.


Beautiful pages. Sending positive thoughts you way :)

Mrs Snow

Hi Hun...It is great to have you back. Although I have never left a comment before (I am still finding my feet in this world of blogging)I have visited your page many times.Your warmth and love shines through your page and brings a smile to many. I love your art work.Love, light and blessings to you and your family. Mrs Snow.


I love your collages, Carolyn! We all need this "my special space" to create. Keep it up!


My Dearest Carolyn.

Looking at your art always reminds me of how special you truly are and how blessed I truly am. Your words are touching and your art amazing. The pages of the zina field touch my heart...June 2008 when i was in the hospital...GOD answering your prayers as u knelt in the field. My Sweet Carolyn you are a gift to the world and a blessing to my life. Everything and everyone you touch becomes better thank you darling for enbracing me and making me better.


Carolyn, it was such a delight to drink in your wonderful pages. You've brought sunshine to my very dreary day. Thank you.

Thinking of you and Arnie,

Leslie Garcia

Dear Carolyn,
Your blog is like a field of sunflowers that warm the heart and fill the mind with good thoughts!
I saw a whole vase of them just yesterday in the grocery store and thought of you and hoped that you are all well. Your art journal is really inspiring! It sounds like you are in a good spot...your own corner at home to create.
Thank you for have been missed!

Connie Saunders

Carolyn, I love your garden journal. It makes me want spring to hurry up and get here. Now that I live in Northern Virginia instead of Iowa, I am looking forward to a longer growing season. Beautiful pages!

Mrs. Pom

Your pages just made me smile and smile. They are so filled with beauty, with love, whimsy, and just plain ol' spring. They reassured me that your inner spirit is alive and well and beginning to pop its head above the deep winter frozen soil.

My love to you and Arnie and the kids,


Dearest Carolyn.
After your long blogabsent, what a wonderful way to come back. Your pages are just YOU. Thanks for sahowing. You have really inspired me today, more than you will ever know!


I'm so glad I came here tonight. Your art journal makes my heart smile. Glad that Arnie is maintaining his spirits -- even if sometimes you have to help lift them back up. But then you do that with such compassion and grace.
CJ Linda

Elizabeth Libbey

It made me happy to see your delightful pages. I'm so glad you're taking time daily for this. Like with your gardening and homemaking, in your art journal, you are doing beautiful work.



Beautiful writing, and beautiful journals. I visit from time to time, and am glad you are able to get back to enjoying your creative time.

Fran aka Redondowriter

So good to see you back, Carolyn. You are a masterful artist journal maker. I love each and every page and I am touched by your words. I know you are longing for spring and it will come before we know it. I hope Arnie's doctors start paying more attention and get to the bottom of the non-healing wound. He suffers enough without it.

Love you, Carolyn. You are an inspiration to so many of us. Judy (Kenju) sent me a link to your blog not knowing I follow you already. I have to change your title in my blog list. I'm still calling it Plenty of Thyme.

Joan, in Huntsville

I'm so very, very glad to know that Arnie is still with you. When you didn't post for so very long, I was so afraid that you had lost him. You've no idea how glad I was to read to the end of your post and find an update to his condition. And your pages are gorgeous!!


So beautiful, Caroline. I especially like the Garden Fairy page. Thank you for sharing your pictures and words.


Your pages sing garden right off of them. A love of garden, the sweet feel of warm earth (summer), the joys of touching and feeling and smelling and loving it all. It's so good to have you back here and we've missed you. The little corner you've made for your art work is just what you have needed - and the creativity it has inspired or made easier to bring forth is very evident. Thanks for sharing. Lovely, just lovely.

Cari Spano

Carolyn, I am so happy to see you posting. I have you in a list of the blogs I follow on my own blog and each time I go to my blog, I check to see if you have posted anything new. It is my way of worry, wishing to see something new so that I will know you are okay. Hugs to you and to Arnie for all your struggles. You are an amazing woman and an inspiration to me each and every day.
You gardening journal is beautiful and makes me long to get my fingers into some paint and paper. The computer is a much neater way for me to create and one I am sure my husband, who always has to dodge my messes, is very grateful for. But me, I sometimes long to have paint under my nails and hear the quiet sound of a paint brush sliding across a piece of paper. I'm excited to see more of your journal as you are willing to share.
Know that you are often in my thoughts and I pray only good things come to you.


Wonderful, wonderful work. I love the lavender page, and your 2 favorites as well. This must be very satisfying for you to create these on your un-gardening months. Keep it up and please show us more. I can see these images used on the covers of gardening journals, so you may have a new job!


Your wonderful pages express so well the positive attitude you have about life, even a life with daily difficulties. I'm so happy to know you've created a small corner and and carved out a little bit of time just for yourself. Giving to others is wonderful but the well runs dry if we don't give to ourselves once in awhile.

Now lets see more pages!



So good to see your post first thing this morning! Your journal is gorgeous, glad you're having so much fun with it, we all need a space that is all our own to create and reflect...
Love, Tiffany


Carolyn, I just popped in here to see if you had been back, and found that you are. So good to hear from you again on your journal page, and I love what you are doing with your garden art journal. This winter has been so cold and I'm working on the quilts and trying to stay warm. Good wishes and prayers for Arnie and for you too.

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