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Now I know that it is spring and your are crazy busy at The Coop, but just popping by to say you are on my mind. Miss you and your stories and your pics of the beauty of Stoneys. Hope you are all doing well and how is Arnie??


Leslie Garcia

Dear Carolyn,
I have been watching the New Years Day Rose Parade from my home in CHicago and thinking of you and your family...beautiful flowers remind me of you. I hope all is well and that you have a very good New Year! I have missed reading your blog and seeing your pictures...and have been praying that all is well with you.
Peace, Happiness and good health to you and yours in this New Year....2009.


Hi Carolyn,

It's just barely Christmas morning, and I'm thinking of you, and hoping that all is well with you and with yours. Merry Christmas dear friend, and love to all of you on this day. May it be both calm, and bright.


Joan, in Huntsville

Caroline, I hope all is well with your family and you are ready to celebrate this season with all of them nearby! The photos that accompany your articles are always beautiful, as is your choice of words to express your feelings. Wishing you bountiful blessings for the New Year!


Stopping by to wish you a Merry Christmas filled with health and your family gathered around you. I hope you have had time to decorate your home. You always do a beautiful job. I also hope that your shops at Stoney's are doing a booming business, before it closes for the season. Best wishes.


Yesterday, I came home with pumpkins from my church's pumpkin patch, bags of potting soil, and baby plants from one of our garden centers.
(I wish I had a Stoney's nearby.) I was checking here one more time to "borrow" and idea or two. Now, I must have some salads bowls! And, I don't have a bushel basket, but I have a very old, tall basket that bananas were shipped in many many years ago. It's sitting in the attic waiting for someone to rescue it. It's too tall for potting soil, but it can be decorated for the season. Thank you, Carolyn!


Sweet Carolyn, What beautiful pictures. I wish your Stoney's was just down the road so I could pop in with a thermos full of tea and some cookies and walk among your pretties having a cozy chat. I might just take home one of your salad bowls and a harvest bowl, too. Hugs.


Catching up with you. As always, I'm amazed and charmed by what you accomplish at Stoney's. I love the blue pot filled with flowers.



Oh Carolyn, it's another lovely post. I miss you when you're gone for so long.

That agate pan full of plants and the season's treasure is so pretty. I love old things filled with flowers like that.

I'm in love with the sky. It's easy to believe that everythings going to be alright in the end when you see a glorious sunset like that. How could it not be, when life is so beautiful.


You have been busy planting. Sounds like Kayleigh was home for the weekend? I love seeing what you're doing at Stoney's.


Beautiful photos. I love the orange of the butterfly against the bluish lavender flowers!


Your photos are always so vibrant! I have seen those spiders four times in the past two days; 2 on blogs and 2 in life.

Heather in SC

It looks lovely. We have many spiders like that here on our property.

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