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Sheila from #17

I'd give my eye teeth, if I knew what eye teeth were and I didn't live in fear of dentists, to have a beautiful place like Stoney's to visit...

actually, if I lived nearby, ya'll would probably either get a restraining order so I'd stop loitering or put me to work :)

beautiful, beautiful :)


Those photos are so fall. Beautiful


Carolyn, you are a wonder! I can't even imagine how much work it is to accomplish all of these creative displays. Even though you must be so tired at times, still I know it is also invigorating for you to be among such beauty, and know that you can do whatever you like to make it happen. Thanks for the pictures, and love to you and Arnie.


Love autumn,great photos.
Never seen a multi color pumpkin like that before,it's beautiful.
Thanks for sharing.

Daisy Cottage

Thank you for these glorious autumn photos AND thank you for being such a sweetheart!
I appreciate you VERY much!!!!

Fran aka Redondowriter

Thanks so much for taking the time to show us your autumn world at Stoneys, Carolyn. It seems such a magical place. I have a great nephew who lives in your town--in the Navy and just recently married. I'll see if he can take the time to go visit you. His name is Travis.

Leslie Garcia

Dear Carolyn,
I just have to let you know that your photos are fantastic! You must have great strength to do all that you do...and such a vision!
I feel like taking a ride over the the garden center in town right now to pick out some pumpkins and flowers.
Thank you for the day brightner...autumn captured it!
Best wishes to you and yours,


Abundance is the word that popped into my mind when I first saw these beautiful displays, Carolyn. It's all so wonderful! I love the bundles of wheat tied up with ribbon, and those wreaths are lovely.

All my best to you and to Arnie.


Oh how beautiful it all is. You do such a great job of pulling things together there Carolyn. I'd love to stroll through your pumpkins and pick the perfect one for my front porch.



My Dear Sweet Carolyn,
Sweetheart I just love seeing how you decorate Stoneys for the Fall season. Your creativity never ceases to amaze me. You are an originial and I am the luckiest man in the world. Great job sweetheart!
Love Always and Forever,


You are creating a paradise Carolyn. I wish I could come to Stoney's and work with you for a few days.


Once again you have captured the season! Lovely, lovely, lovely. That Cinderella pumpkin - is that the pigment on it that makes the varigated color or was it a shadow falling over it? Nellie. That's a nice farmy name for her. She is lovely. Our local pumpkin field has been cleared of the vines and the pumpkins are speckled all over the field, waiting for one more weekend before they start selling. They're a large family who farms there - three brothers and their wives and children and they are so proud of what they do. Rightfully so. We had a family outing last year and came back here to the house for hot soup and fresh bread. I think it will become a tradition for us since we all enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing the east coast autumn with us. Hugs,


Oh, thank you for this delicious look at autumn! I just love it all as always. You are so busy and I am so happy that you have such a creative job, tho I know it involves much stress and strain on the old bod!

Thinking of you, always, and keeping you and Arnie close to my heart,


What a glorious place you work! Thanks for sharing your lovely photos.

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