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My Dear Sweet Carolyn,
I loved reading this post because I have always known how close to GOD you feel when you work in your gardens. You are my rock and always have been. I just want to thank everyone who writes comments here. You all have been so wonderful. Your thoughts and prayers are fantastic. I also want to let you all know the wound is healing and the wound vac is off (yay). My Dear Sweet Carolyn...I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART!


The baby chicks are adorable the fence painted really shows off the treasures in front of it! I am so glad all is getting better for you and Arnie.

I know only too well what goes on in hospitals! I agree..NEVER LEAVE YOUR LOVED ONES UNATTENDED FOR TOO LONG WHILE IN A HOSPITAL!!
I had an 83 old mother hospitalized for 10 days due to a mild stroke and she suffered
Dimentia..need I say more. I felt I HAD to be BY HER SIDE as much as I could...always her VOICE!!


I am relieved to hear that Arnie is still with you and hope that things will keep improving. It is too bad when those who are supposed to be caregivers don't do their job and good that Arnie had someone to watch out for him.

Fran aka Redondowriter

I haven't been visiting blogs lately, but I'm glad I stopped by yours today, Carolyn. I miss you over at the online writing group, but I know this is a very busy, scary and tenuous time for you.

I love all the photos; it must be heavenly to work there, although I know a lot of it is manual labor.

Sorry to hear Arnie has some new challenges. Sigh! Thinking of you with love.


It makes me feel so much better to know that Arnie is home now. Love and all my best wishes to you both. A kiss on the cheek for Arnie too! I know it must all be a worry still, so I will continue to hold a good thought for you both Carolyn.

We are very fortunate to live near some of the best hospitals in the world here where I am, but still, my family works in shifts to make sure that someone is always with our loved ones when they are in the hospital. Even the very best health care workers are human, and when you learn of how many of them work 12 hour or double shifts because of understaffed hospitals....well, you can't help but be concerned. I can tell some doozies when it comes to our many hospital experiences, but like you, I'm awfully grateful to those fine and dedicated healthcare workers who have given us wonderful care, too.

Those zinnias are so pretty. I always think they must be one of the most cheerful of all the flowers, and those sweet baby chicks are indeed adorable, especially that little bright eyed black one in the back of the photograph.

I'm thinking of you.

Take care.



I have recently discovered your blog and am so happy to read that your beloved is home with you. You and Arnie will also remain in my thoughts.


My aunt was in that hospital about 10 years ago. She had an easier time of it, but later died.

Glad to know your husband is better.

Leslie Garcia

Dear Carolyn,
I just returned from spending the last few weeks traveling to Portland, Oregon, Las Vegas, New Mexico, and the Outer banks of North Carolina.... My family and I are soooooo happy to hear that your husband is home and safe with you! I know exactly what you mean about the health care system in this country and I am going through the very same feelings...I have a long road ahead of me in the fight to get justice for my husband...but it is a road that I will travel as long as it takes to complete. I will not rest until it is done. Maybe some good will come of it in the least some peace of mind. You are right...never leave your loved ones alone in a hospital! Even then, it is sometimes not possible to stop things from going wrong. I was with my husband the whole time...but the those who were supposed to help did not know what they were doing.
Prayers and Love to you and your family,


Every day I've checked and patiently waited, wishing the both of you the best, and today was rewarded with an update. I'm so thankful that Arnie is home and is better. And I'm so thankful he has you to watch over him! Thanks for including some of your work in the post - how I'd love to visit that place of business!


Your post is like rainwater to a Carolyn-thirsty world! I am so happy to see your zinnias and the coop - how I love the coop!

Not happy to hear about more health issues for Arnie. Always, always, always, prayers winging to you on the wings of butterflies.

Love always,



Thank you so much for taking the time to update us all. Praise God that Arnie is home with you now... I have prayed for you every single day, gentle healing prayers to Arnie, prayers of faith and hope to all of you.
Much love, my friend, much love...


As always, your thoughts are so well written my friend. I'm glad Arnie is home and in your care and under your watchful eye.

The coop and the zinnia field look wonderful. Continue to gain peace and strength when you go there.

The little "peeps" put a smile on my face.


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