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I love your little garden! Very beautiful with the little kitties keeping it company! :)

Betty  at  Country Charm

I thoroughly enjoyed my visit in your garden this early morning. Your flowers, garden accessories and words just cheered my heart. My Mother instilled a love of gardening in my inner being that just will not be denied. I love using things for other reasons than what they were intended for such as your iron chair.

Where can you feel closer to God than in a garden, after all that's where it all a garden.

Please drop by to visit with me if and when you have the time.

Betty at Country Charm


My stepfather's name is Amos. He passed away several years ago. I like to think he's sportin' a couple of wings now!
Thank you for the visit to your garden Carolyn. Growing things are popping up all around Merryville these days too. I'm so happy to see spring!


I'm glad to hear that your garden is waking up, and so much to enjoy there.
My netscape 4.5 has gone kerflunkle and locked me out, so flummoxed am I.
Even our nice spring sunshine has gone into hiding, and very chilly yesterday and today, but at least no snow and that's a good thing.


Oh I envy you. We had 77 dgree weather on Weds and I looked forward to getting outside to work in the yard this weekend...but today we are getting up to 12 inches of snow...we have about 5" already. So I guess my gardens will sleep for another week of so. Enjoyed your pictures!


So it begins again, the promise that spring brings, the sprouts coming up, the plans, the garden starting to take shape.

Every year spring feels like a blessing.


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