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Lynn Hudgins

Another amazing posting. I have never written anything perhaps to timid. Oh well this is cyberspace and anything goes. Your writing and the way you express yourself makes one wish for your talent. You are truly a blessing to all that meet you. Thanks for being YOU!


Love the blue chair! Blue is one of my fave spring colors! I wish you and your family a very happy Easter time! Hugs Carol xox


This is beautiful Carolyn.
I just dropped by to wish you a joy filled Easter.

FFran aka Redondowriter

I just love the idea of spring as a young girl preparing for a dance. I hope you will be publishing this somewhere, Carolyn. I have left some room to dance with you and spring on my patio, but how I wish you were here to make it less old-ladyish and more like a wild garden. I love that blue chair.


What a lovely metaphor you have woven through your dance. And the blue chair - c'est tres jolie! Very Cezanne!

Roz Cawley

The chair is GORGEOUS! I just adore that colour - it is the same colour as the domes of the churches on Santorini - the colur of shutters on cottages in France and the prows of boats in Portugal - and it means MEDITERRANEAN life to me. Oh, how I long for a burst of that blue again - thank you for a glimpse of it right now, Carolyn. It will be a delight in your garden this year!

Jeri Sue

I am so embarrassed... so matter of fact and stilted in my descriptions of Spring coming to Texas; then you go and paint a portrait of 'dressing for the dance'. If I could, I would be there in a minute flat to dance with you. I am heeding your advice though, and so appreciate the 'lessons' from your years of experience. I will remember I am merely a novice at gardening.... and writing. Love and Hugs, JS


How lovely - our spring lady is timidly peeking out of her spring shower and smiling sweetly. The rainstorms that have ravaged the NW may be over and she is ready to go on with her preparations. Thanks for this wonderful image. I will always think of it when spring approaches.


You can still buy much, just buy it very small. I admit that I find that a bit hard to do myself, though


The blue chair is great, if it stays outdoors it will age gracefully on its own won't it? Can you wait for that?

Your tribute to spring was beautiful to read.



How beautiful and suitable to look at spring as a girl dressing for her first dance :-)

Mary Lou/Texas

Another beautiful post straight from a kindred spirit. I LOVE the blue chair!!!
I am going to paint some of my garden furniture a similar color. Your posts are my favorite, and I check for them each day.
Thank you for saying what we gardeners feel and giving us wonderful ideas.

I feel like you are my neighbor.

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